The Jamaican Files

VOL.1 The Flag

Black, yellow and green
 There is one fact all ALTs know, Japanese students are shy. They also do not like to make mistakes in front of their friends, I can relate. So imagine my horror when the response to my question “what are the three colours on the Jamaican flag?” was the infamous “red, yellow and green.” I sighed, went to the chalkboard and drew the Jamaican flag. A flag, which looks exactly like this:
 The flag of the Rastafari, a religious group started in Jamaica, (see below left) is thought of by many people to be the Jamaican flag. However, the Rastafari flag is much closer to the Ethiopian flag (below right) and is used to represent the relationship between Rastafari and Ethiopia.
How did we get a new flag?
 In 1962, Jamaica gained independence from Britain. To celebrate our independence, there was a competition to choose a new flag. The winning flag (see below) was too close to that of the Ethiopian flag and the design was changed to the one we use now.
File:First proposed flag of Jamaica.svg

What do the colours mean?
 Each colour on the Jamaican flag has a special meaning. Black represents the strength of the people even when there are many problems, yellow is for the sunshine and green is for the trees and vegetation on the island.

By Kaymara Barrett (ケイマラ バレット/県立大和広陵高等学校/2008年7月〜)